New Gro Via Colors

Gro Via’s new colors are in stock here.  As a person who is strangely partial to turquoise, I love them.


Buy 10 diaper covers get 1 free

Next time you come into Bundle Baby Shop remember to pick up a punch card for a free diaper cover!  Check out directions and hours here.

Cloth Diapering Ups and Downs


"Ike, six days old, in a newborn fitted, and just thrilled as anything about it."


Amalah, who is hilarious, has a lot to say lately about cloth diapering (her pic above).  If you want a crass, straight-up guide through every in and out of diapering, you have found your source.  Cloth diapering part 1, cloth diapering part 2, and part 3.

She also offers a refreshing honesty, or as she puts it in part 2:

“Welcome to part two! In which I admit that sometimes cloth diapering didn’t quite go as planned. Not so much to discourage anyone out there, but…I just need to be honest. I felt like everything I read from other cloth-diaper users never seemed to admit that cloth has ANY limitations or drawbacks (besides the obvious having to wash them, teh horrozz). Like we’re all too focused on trying to convince people that we’re not insane. Shhh! Don’t give them any ammo! Don’t mention the leaks! You shut your whore mouth about the overnight diaper rash from a sopping wet prefold!

Likewise, the people who WERE talking about their less-than-great experiences almost had an axe to grind, because they TRIED cloth and they didn’t LIKE cloth and so they QUIT and went back to 100% disposables ALL THE TIME and have never been HAPPIER, SO THERE, HIPPIE FREAKS.

The thing is (and this was echoed in the comments several times), cloth doesn’t HAVE to be an all-or-nothing, either/or endeavor. No one is going to come in and take away your Exclusively Cloth Diapering Gold Star Hero Award if you mumble “fuck this bullshit” at two in the morning and reach for a disposable instead. No one cares if you keep an emergency stack of Pampers in the diaper bag, or buy a big jumbo sleeve of Target-brand disposables whenever you go on vacation. Because I have done all three of those things, and I would do them again.

And I would cloth diaper a newborn again! Really!”

Diaper Swap This Saturday!

annual cloth diaper swap Saturday Sept 24th from 10am – 4pm

Shop a great selection of used cloth diapers at bargain prices.

Bring your used cloth diapers in to Bundle by Friday Sept. 23rd.
Come by anytime between Monday Sept 26th – Oct 28th to pick up your cash/unsold goods.
50% split, you may set your own price if you wish, otherwise we will price.
Bundle is located at 2825 Wilderness Place, Suite 400 in Boulder.  From Foothills Parkway turn west on Valmont.  Your first light is Wilderness Place, turn left and go behind the Boulder Beer Company, you will see Bundle on your right.
Call (303) 443-9416 or email

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper Service

We are excited to be partnering with Fuzzi Bunz to offer Pocket Diaper Service!  Pocket diapers are super easy to use, they snap on just like a disposable diaper, with no folding prefolds or dirty covers to worry about.

We will be using sized Fuzzi Bunz in our service, so they offer a great trim fit.  We will pick up your dirty diapers each week, and drop off clean diapers, just like we do for our regular prefold diaper service.  Full Service will be 60 Fuzzi Bunz per week, Half Service will be 30 Fuzzi Bunz per week.  Unlike in our prefold diaper service, for the Pocket Diaper Service you will actually get back your same diapers each week.  So if you have Full Service you will have 120 diapers in rotation.

Pricing will include a $60 set-up fee, and then will be $37/week for Full Service (60 diapers) or $33/week for Half Service (30 diapers).  Your diapers will come packaged in a waterproof cloth bag, with a personalized tag for your baby.

Here’s the catch: To start out we can only sign up 3 families!  So if you are interested send me an email ASAP to  Here’s the bonus:  we will waive the set up fee for the first 3 families that sign up!  At this point we do not have the service listed online since we have such limited availability…so send me an email with any questions or to get signed up!

Fuzzi Bunz Buy 5 Get 1 Free Through May

Buy 5 Fuzzi Bunz get 1 free through the month of May, hooray.  Offer good for Perfect Size Fuzzi Bunz and One Size Fuzzi Bunz.

Also, check out this picture of their admirable manufacturing facility.  Fuzzi Bunz are now ethically and environmentally made in Turkey.

To redeem: when you receive your order of 5 or more diapers it will include a rebate that you can submit to Fuzzi Bunz directly.

Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper Service Award!

OK, well I guess we did not actually win an award, but we got our energy audit and our operations were given an eco-rating of A+.  I love getting A-pluses!  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still innovating to be even more eco-friendly!

We are already wind powered, bio-diesel fueled, and use organic cotton prefolds in our service.  We also have the most modern energy efficient washing equipment available.  BUT we are switching to an electric van this summer, AND we are launching an exciting new diapering option this month…stay tuned!

p.s. you can read an in-depth analysis of Bundle’s cloth diaper laundry operations, and of the environmental impact of cloth diapering versus disposable diapering here.