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i Birth DVD & App Giveaway!

To enter the giveaway just hop over to Facebook, like Bundle, and then comment on the giveaway post.  Are you a digital contraction timer?   Ends Monday 11/7 at midnight…
i Birth helps you and your partner get up to speed on what to expect during childbirth.  The app is design to be used prenatally for childbirth preparation and can be used as a quick reference guide (for laboring couples and doulas alike) once in labor.
what’s in there?:

Tips & Lists

Fully customizable, and pre-packed full of tips and lists to help you through whatever comes up: long labor, back labor, affirmations, and more.

Contraction Timer

Some laboring mamas love this feature, some want their birth partners to shove the contraction timer where the sun don’t shine, if you will.  We will leave this feature for you to decide on.

Prenatal Nutrition

Perfectly curated help to get you through your pregnancy in top form.  Find the ACOG recommended values for each essential nutrient in pregnancy, then tap through to the grocery lists which provide you with the top 10 – 15 foods in each category. Separate lists in certain categories that apply to those with vegetarian or dairy-free diets.


Videos of birth positions, descriptions of how and when to use them.  Practice ahead of time, and have this helper with you through labor, too.
PLUS we are giving away the DVD Creating Comfort and Confidence in Childbirth, which is based off of creators Judith and Amanda’s years of successful and celebrated childbirth classes.  The DVD includes a menu so that you can select an entire segment or specific clip for easy navigation
This 22 minute video is divided into five sections:

~ First Stage Labor Active Positions

~ First Stage Labor Resting Positions

~ Back Labor/ Posterior Baby

~ Second Stage Labor/ Pushing

~ Vocalizations for Labor (new addition for the DVD only)

Each section contains short video clips demonstrating various positions for labor with a description of how the position facilitates greater comfort, enhances labor progress and ways the partner can help.

  • iBirth only works on iOS 4.0 or later. And the app is currently in development for the Android Market, but is not yet available.

Comment on our post to win over here on facebook.  Are you a digital contraction timer in labor?

Community Shout

We had SO much fun at the Green Sprouts Family Fest at the Zoo last Sunday.  Thanks to everyone that came out to play with us!

We also met a ton of lovely friends and resources in the neighborhood.  Looking for some treasures in the Boulder/Denver area, check out:

Well Being Chiropractic

Grant Family Farms

The Midwife’s Garden

The Divine Doula, Misty Rauscher

Blessed Be Birth Doula Care

Foothills Doula Erica Lundgren

Colorado Doulas Association

All Women Deserve Access To Midwives

Did anyone else catch this tragic story in the New York Times last week?

“The hospital (in Uganda)…handles obstetric emergencies for a region of almost three million people, but it recently had no sutures in stock to sew up women after Caesarean sections. Dr. Emmanuel Odar, the hospital’s sole obstetrician, said that even in childbirth emergencies, families must buy missing supplies themselves, typically at nearby pharmacies. Patients without money must beg or borrow it, Dr. Odar said. ”

Which made me remember this amazing organization, International Midwife Assistance, which is working to make change.  The IMA is based in Boulder but works on the ground in Uganda and other countries to train midwives and set up birth centers.


Pretty Pushers Birth Gowns in Charcoal and Hot Pink

Pretty Pushers Birth Gowns are now available in simple Charcoal and Hot Pink

Underwear For Ice Packs…

I just got this email from my Sister In Law, Robin Cloud:

“underwear for ice packs? omg..they should be called birth control panties.”

Yea, pretty much.  But if you’ve been there you know how much you wish you had had these post-partum undies from Pretty Pushers:

Belabumbum Mom and Baby Sets

Perfect for taking to the hospital, check out these new sets by Belabumbum for mom and baby.  Each set includes a nursing chemise and robe for mom, and a sleep sack for baby.  Comes in a sweet little gift bag, too.