Cloth Diapering Ups and Downs


"Ike, six days old, in a newborn fitted, and just thrilled as anything about it."


Amalah, who is hilarious, has a lot to say lately about cloth diapering (her pic above).  If you want a crass, straight-up guide through every in and out of diapering, you have found your source.  Cloth diapering part 1, cloth diapering part 2, and part 3.

She also offers a refreshing honesty, or as she puts it in part 2:

“Welcome to part two! In which I admit that sometimes cloth diapering didn’t quite go as planned. Not so much to discourage anyone out there, but…I just need to be honest. I felt like everything I read from other cloth-diaper users never seemed to admit that cloth has ANY limitations or drawbacks (besides the obvious having to wash them, teh horrozz). Like we’re all too focused on trying to convince people that we’re not insane. Shhh! Don’t give them any ammo! Don’t mention the leaks! You shut your whore mouth about the overnight diaper rash from a sopping wet prefold!

Likewise, the people who WERE talking about their less-than-great experiences almost had an axe to grind, because they TRIED cloth and they didn’t LIKE cloth and so they QUIT and went back to 100% disposables ALL THE TIME and have never been HAPPIER, SO THERE, HIPPIE FREAKS.

The thing is (and this was echoed in the comments several times), cloth doesn’t HAVE to be an all-or-nothing, either/or endeavor. No one is going to come in and take away your Exclusively Cloth Diapering Gold Star Hero Award if you mumble “fuck this bullshit” at two in the morning and reach for a disposable instead. No one cares if you keep an emergency stack of Pampers in the diaper bag, or buy a big jumbo sleeve of Target-brand disposables whenever you go on vacation. Because I have done all three of those things, and I would do them again.

And I would cloth diaper a newborn again! Really!”


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