Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper Service

We are excited to be partnering with Fuzzi Bunz to offer Pocket Diaper Service!  Pocket diapers are super easy to use, they snap on just like a disposable diaper, with no folding prefolds or dirty covers to worry about.

We will be using sized Fuzzi Bunz in our service, so they offer a great trim fit.  We will pick up your dirty diapers each week, and drop off clean diapers, just like we do for our regular prefold diaper service.  Full Service will be 60 Fuzzi Bunz per week, Half Service will be 30 Fuzzi Bunz per week.  Unlike in our prefold diaper service, for the Pocket Diaper Service you will actually get back your same diapers each week.  So if you have Full Service you will have 120 diapers in rotation.

Pricing will include a $60 set-up fee, and then will be $37/week for Full Service (60 diapers) or $33/week for Half Service (30 diapers).  Your diapers will come packaged in a waterproof cloth bag, with a personalized tag for your baby.

Here’s the catch: To start out we can only sign up 3 families!  So if you are interested send me an email ASAP to julie@bundlebabyshop.com.  Here’s the bonus:  we will waive the set up fee for the first 3 families that sign up!  At this point we do not have the service listed online since we have such limited availability…so send me an email with any questions or to get signed up!


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