Rockin Green Soap New Scents

We love Rockin Green Laundry Detergent; it works great on cloth diapers and regular laundry, it is economical, it is a mama-run company with a sense of humor.  AND even though I normally HATE scented laundry detergent, Rockin Green scents are lovely, subtle, and yummy.  Rockin Green has come out with a few new scents that we are happy to have in-stock: Green Teas, Rage Against The Raspberries, and Lavender Mint Revival.

It is so important to use zero or low-residue on your cloth diapers.  If you use regular detergent the residue build up leads to smelly, water-repellent, diaper-rash-causing diapers.  This is the one place where it is so important to treat your cloth diapers right.  If you have trouble with any of these problems, you can always bring your cloth diapers into Bundle to have them professionally stripped.


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