Baby Led Weaning + Finger Foods

At Bundle we carry this book, which flies off the shelf.  It was always a bit of a mystery to me, honestly, but then I read this article about the research supporting this way of introducing solid foods.  Turns out it leads to healthier eating as baby grows up.  Oops.  Check it out if it isn’t too late!


Best Toys Ever

If I get one more holiday shopping email! Even my website hosting company is trying to promote some 12 days of christmas buying spree. I have officially had enough of companies trying to convince me to buy buy buy. So I loved this: The 5 Best Toys of all Time, by Jonathan Liu on Geek Dad. Top 5 include: stick, box, string, cardboard tube, and dirt. Yup, it doesn’t get any better than that.

"How long is a piece of string?" by Flickr user izzie_whizzie. Used under Creative Commons License

Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes

Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes by Zoe B Organic are the world’s only dishwasher safe dishes made from corn!

Valerie, the sweet mama responsible for these treasures, says: “As a mom, I know ordinary plastic is a useful material. But I’m also worried about what it’s doing to our kids and our planet. Most plastic leaches toxic chemicals into our food. And it’s made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource we have a nasty habit of fighting wars over.

We’re proud to offer a smart alternative: dishes made from corn, a sustainable resource. They look, feel, and hold up just like ordinary plastic. But they’re safer for our kids and safer for the environment. Now you can serve grilled cheese and the planet at the same time!”

High fives.  Check them out here.

Cloth Diaper Rags

Cloth Diaper Rags are super soft, lint free, thick, and absorbent.  Perfect for washing fancy electronics, cars, airplanes, or your kitchen counter.  PLUS rags are half off right now, because we have, um, a bit of a surplus right now.

Diaper Rags are just retired Bundle Diaper Service Prefolds, so they either have a little tear in them or a persistent stain.  In great shape for cleaning, but not up to snuff for wrapping up your baby’s bum in.

Check them out here.

Community Shout

We had SO much fun at the Green Sprouts Family Fest at the Zoo last Sunday.  Thanks to everyone that came out to play with us!

We also met a ton of lovely friends and resources in the neighborhood.  Looking for some treasures in the Boulder/Denver area, check out:

Well Being Chiropractic

Grant Family Farms

The Midwife’s Garden

The Divine Doula, Misty Rauscher

Blessed Be Birth Doula Care

Foothills Doula Erica Lundgren

Colorado Doulas Association

Simplicity Parenting Author Speaking In Boulder

Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, is coming to speak in Boulder.  I saw him speak last year, and was VERY inspired.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 7-9pm | $10

The Soul Of Discipline: Raising Respectful Children In A Culture Of Disrespect

A parent’s journey is filled with both precious moments and difficult situations. Our sense of how we are doing is often determined by the way in which we respond to the flash points of parenting. These moments will either refine or consume us.

Parenting and discipline styles have changed over the years yet often these influences flow into our family and classroom life today. It is so revealing to explore discipline styles past and present, from the old “blind obedience” to behavior
modifications based on punishment and reward or even to our present day behavior affirmation, often expressed as the “good job” culture.

Held at Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Festival Hall.  More info here.

Eco-Nuts Giveaway!

Every wondered what Soap Nuts are all about?  Cloth diapering families rave about them for their natural and effective washing.

Bundle has them in Liquid and Nut form…and we want you to try them out for us for free!  If you want to win a free package head on over to like us on facebook here and then comment on our giveaway post.  Do you love laundry or loathe it?  Winner will be selected on Friday 10/14