Opportunity to take part in a study on yoga + pregnancy

The University of Colorado Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is doing a study that focuses on the treatment and prevention of depression among women, with a particular emphasis on women’s mental health during pregnancy and postpartum. They are currently conducting a study investigating the feasibility of a yoga intervention to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression for women during pregnancy.

The yoga class lasts for eight weeks. Participants will be randomly assigned to the yoga class or a treatment as usual group. De West teaches the yoga classes, and is an expert in prenatal yoga.

If you are interested in participating (free yoga!) contact Molly Klekamp:

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of Colorado-Boulder


Ina May Rocks

Community Shout

We had SO much fun at the Green Sprouts Family Fest at the Zoo last Sunday.  Thanks to everyone that came out to play with us!

We also met a ton of lovely friends and resources in the neighborhood.  Looking for some treasures in the Boulder/Denver area, check out:

Well Being Chiropractic

Grant Family Farms

The Midwife’s Garden

The Divine Doula, Misty Rauscher

Blessed Be Birth Doula Care

Foothills Doula Erica Lundgren

Colorado Doulas Association

High End Maternity Clothes Rental

Yes, please!  A couple of lovely ladies have launched a new concept business called Fashion Forward Maternity where instead of BUYING those $200 maternity jeans that are only going to fit you for a few months you can rent them.  Perfect.

Among the brands they carry are Maternal America, Japanese Weekend, Olian, James Jeans, Jules and Jim and Seraphine.

Fashion Forward Maternity is having a launch party and trunk show on Saturday 10/29 from 11am- 5pm.  There will be food and drinks, plus a photographer on hand to snap pics of you if you + your belly/baby if you wish.  Bundle will be contributing a door prize of a Pretty Pushers Birth Gown.

Show up!

Location is the Fashion Forward warehouse, 1370 Miners Dr. Unit 110 in Lafayette, 80026

Recording Your Pregnancy

There have been some great examples of personal, clever pregnancy journals online recently.  This book, Mama Mia’s Pregnancy Book, featured on Ohdeedoh, is particularly amazing.  Check out this page (LOVE that turquoise dresser + text + chalky chalkboard):

I did a lot of journaling during my first pregnancy, recording dreams, stories of my youth, hopes for my baby, my intentions as a mother.  My husband and I both wrote in it, so it tells a rambling little story about how we met, our descriptions of eachother, and how we felt about turning into parents.  I would love to be able to read my parents’ descriptions of eachother when they had just gotten married and were transitioning into being parents.

If a little more structure serves you, Nikki McClure has a new pregnancy journal; Embrace:

How did you record or honor your pregnancy?


Every new & nursing mom needs some pure lanolin beside her bed.  Trust me on this one, you don’t need a lot, but just a dab after you finish nursing your little one will do so much to heal and prevent sore nipples (it’s posts like these that get strange people coming to our website, people who search for ‘nipples’ for all the wrong reasons)

Anyway, mamas, get some lanolin.


p.s. we also have a lovely mama making wipe solution cubes for us again…so if you are in the market for wipe solution cubes they are back in stock!

Wipe Solution Cubes

Awkward Pregnant Family Photos

Check out Pregnant Chicken’s round up of the some of the pregnant shots on Awkward Family Photos.  Hilarious.

This reminds me of a picnic. A good idea in theory but an uncomfortable mess in practice.

Um, yeah. No. I’m just going to go with a solid no on this one.