Recommitted to Organic

Have you seen the harrowing documentary the Vanishing of the Bees?  It drives home just how dire the need for us to choose organic is.  I can get a little apathetic about my food and my organic commitment every so often, and then a movie like this comes along and reminds me that our choices matter, and that we do not have time to waste.  This matters NOW.

We are dependent on honeybees for our food supply, and recently the bees have been disappearing.  While the evidence for why is still inconclusive, and the issue is complicated, scientists are leaning towards an explanation that non-organic crops are to blame.  Honeybees are bringing pesticide toxins back to their hive and the poison is killing them.  We have killed so many bees that we now have to import bees from abroad in order to fertilize our crops.

Cotton is the most pesticide intensive crop.  That’s why Bundle is committed to buying ONLY organic cotton cloth diapers.  A cloth diaper service goes through a LOT of cotton and we are determined to do our part to support our return to a healthier planet.




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