Fall is Babywearing season!

Is there such a thing as a babywearing season?  Let’s go with that premise.  I can tell you that wearing a Moby Wrap in the summer = sweaty mama.  I did it, mind you, but I was hot, and not in a good way.

Now that the weather is cooling off babywearing becomes even more enjoyable.  It can help you regulate your baby’s temperature, and it keeps you extra warm too.  Wrapping up your baby is a miracle worker for calming a fussy baby, soothing a sore tummy, and helping get to sleep.  PLUS you get free hands, which is kind of a miracle too.

I know wrap-style carriers can look a little intimidating – all that fabric and the criss-crossing and the knot tying.  But really it is super simple to put on.  If you want a hands-on demo come into Bundle, we have a stash of carriers for you to try on, and we can show you how to use each one and help you pick out a carrier that is perfect for you.

Check out the Moby Wrap here and here, and the Dolcino wrap here.

For the very cold weather, I like to wear my husband’s jacket, which is roomy enough to zip up around me and the baby.  VERY cozy.


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