BPA, Cancer, and Money

While I am certainly no expert, this article in Mother Jones brings up some uncomfortable conflicts of interest between Susan G. Komen and their BPA-laden sponsers.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“A number of studies have found that the chemical causes breast cancer in lab animals. In human cell cultures, BPA has caused breast cancer cells to proliferate and has also reduced the effectiveness of chemotherapy. In September, a study by the California Pacific Medical Center found that BPA even made healthy breast cells behave like cancer cells and decreased the effectiveness of yet another breast cancer drug.

In April 2010 Komen posted an online statement saying that BPA had been “deemed safe.” And a more recent statement on Komen’s website about BPA, from February 2011, begins, “Links between plastics and cancer are often reported by the media and in email hoaxes.”

Komen’s chief scientific adviser, Dr. Eric Winer, dismissed the criticisms as inflammatory. “If a woman is particularly worried about plastics, she can avoid plastics in her life,” he told me.”

That is hard to do, of course, given how many places plastics and BPA are found.

Check out Bundle’s Eat and Drink section for some good glass alternatives to plastic.



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