On Keeping Little Ones Warm

Newborn baby’s are not able to effectively regulate their own temperature, AND they have disproportionately large heads.  Your head, of course, is where you lose most of your heat.  In early childhood (until about age 7) children are still rapidly developing their internal organs, minds, and bodies.  This takes a lot of energy, and when they are not dressed warmly their energy must go to keeping warm instead of to growing their own strength.  Children will almost NEVER complain of being cold.  Until the age of 7 children are usually not connected to their body in the same way as adults are, and so are not able to acknowledge if they are cold.

On an intuitive level, a hat on a newborn head is a way to protect the baby.  You might notice in yourself, or in your child as he gets older, that an extra layer of protection, sometimes a vest or a head covering will make you feel more secure in difficult times.  A hat is a simple way to keep your child protected from the cold, and to keep her soul ‘warm’ and protected especially when going on an early outing.

Oh yeah, and here are some mad cute ones, made with organic cotton and Scandinavian flair:


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