Recording Your Pregnancy

There have been some great examples of personal, clever pregnancy journals online recently.  This book, Mama Mia’s Pregnancy Book, featured on Ohdeedoh, is particularly amazing.  Check out this page (LOVE that turquoise dresser + text + chalky chalkboard):

I did a lot of journaling during my first pregnancy, recording dreams, stories of my youth, hopes for my baby, my intentions as a mother.  My husband and I both wrote in it, so it tells a rambling little story about how we met, our descriptions of eachother, and how we felt about turning into parents.  I would love to be able to read my parents’ descriptions of eachother when they had just gotten married and were transitioning into being parents.

If a little more structure serves you, Nikki McClure has a new pregnancy journal; Embrace:

How did you record or honor your pregnancy?


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