Compostable Disposable Diaper Service

We are so happy to be able (starting June 1) to provide compostable diaper service as an eco-friendly alternative to cloth diapers.

How it works:  Each week we come to your house to drop off new compostable disposable diapers and wipes, along with a new compostable bag for you to put your dirty diapers in.  At the same time we pick up your dirty diapers and wipes.

Weekly charge includes pick up (of the nasties) and delivery (of the clean and a compostable bag).  Customize your order with the number and size of diapers and wipes that works for your family, there is no extra charge for families with multiple kids in diapers (been there!)  See our selection of biodegradable items here.

Guess what?  Your baby’s dirty diapers will completely biodegrade in 45 days!  Disposable diapers take 500 years to biodegrade!

Question:  ‘Can I put my dirty diapers in the city compost?’  Answer: No, the city composting system does NOT accept diapers.

We also have an in-store compostable service option.


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