Imse Vimse Swim Diapers

Spring Break is coming, and if you’re lucky that means swimsuits are in order.  Normally I’m not one to judge, but using disposable swim diapers is ridiculous.  Even if you wouldn’t touch cloth diapers with a 10 foot pole, get a reusable swim diaper.

Why to choose a cloth swim diaper instead of disposable: Cloth swim diapers are so much cuter and classy looking.  Plus one reusable swim diaper costs the same as 1 package of disposable swim diapers…that reusable swim diaper will last you all season and for multiple children.  Cloth swim diapers are also great for kids who are ‘potty trained’ but who you don’t completely trust to make it out of the pool in time.  Since they don’t look or feel like a diaper, most kids have no qualms about pulling on these cute swim diapers.

Using a cloth swim diaper: Swim diapers are designed to keep the poo in.  It is not designed to absorb the pee, because then it would just absorb all the lake or pool water.  So you don’t put anything inside of your swim diaper, just pull it on.  After swimming, just hang it to dry with your swimsuit.

Finding the right fit for your cloth swim diaper: You want your diaper to fit snugly, so that the poo doesn’t get out.  So this is not a time to think about long-term fit.  Buy your suit to fit right now.

Does it work?  Yes!


New Imse Vimse Swim Diapers have a ruffle in the back.  Super cute for wearing with a swim shirt, or a bare belly:

Bummis Swim Diapers in Bubbles and Clownfish :



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