How To Get Two Kids Out Of The Car Safely

Getting two or three little kids out of the car and into, say, the grocery store safely can take some practice. It is especially tricky to get everyone through the parking lot if your older child is still young enough to be unpredictable.

I have practice with this, as I somehow negotiated grocery stores and parking lots with a newborn, a 1.5 year old, and a 4.5 year old. My first thought after surveying my little tribe was to never leave the house again, and for a few weeks this seemed like the most reasonable plan. But ultimately we emerged from the house, and employed this great advice that I got from my midwife.

When you are getting out of the car with more than one child:

Step 1) Put the baby in your baby carrier first! Getting your baby loaded into your carrier takes your attention and both hands, so you don’t want your older child to choose this moment to run into the street. Now you have your baby secure, and your hands are free to help your older children out of the car and you can deftly perform any courageous chasing, grabbing, yelling, or bargaining that you may need to do on the way through the parking lot.
Step 2) Stay cool, and ask for help if you need some. Any given stranger is usually happy to help you and your littles across the street.


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