How To Find Out If You Are Having A Boy Or A Girl…With A Party

Finding out the gender of your baby can be so fun.  But the doctors office isn’t the funnest place.  Here are a few fun ways to reveal the gender that we have come across at Bundle:

One couple had the doctor mail a note revealing the gender of the baby to Shamanes Bakery (right next door to Bundle).  Shamane made a cake: chocolate for a boy or strawberry for a girl.  She iced it so the flavor was a secret.  The family had a little party with their parents and cut into the cake together.  So fun!

Another couple had an older child in 5th grade, so to make her a special part of the baby-planning process, they had the doctor tell ONLY her.  So she was the only person who knew if the baby was a boy or a girl.  She felt SO special, it was very sweet.

Another couple were certain that they did not want to know the gender of their baby ahead of time.  BUT the mama-to-be’s father simply could not bear this suspense.  So they had the doctor mail the grampa-to-be a note with the baby’s gender.  This was fun, until the couple got a blue crib set in the mail from Grampa …oops!


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