How to Dispose of Nature Babycare Disposable Diapers

UPDATE: Bundle now composts Nature Babycare disposable diapers!  Check it out here.
This is straight from the horse’s mouth…below is information straight from Nature Babycare about what to do with the dirty diapers…
How to Dispose of Nature Babycare Disposable Diapers and Wipes

“From an environmental viewpoint the best way to dispose of our diapers is to put them in a biodegradable diaper-bag and put them in the waste bin. It’s not recommended to put used diapers in the compost bin. The reason is that human waste contains bacteria that will not be destroyed and can contaminate water and people.

Nature Babycare consist largely of renewable materials. These raw materials come from plants and trees. When the materials are burned carbon dioxide is released to be consumed by other plants or trees. In this way more carbon dioxide is not released into the air, which is the result when petroleum-based materials are being burnt.
We want to provide mothers throughout the world with a disposable diaper that is as environmentally friendly as possible. We want to offer a choice to parents who try to reduce their impact on our nature. The target for Nature Babycare is to develop a diaper that is 100% biodegradable. We are not quite there yet, due to the fact that renewable alternatives are not yet available for some of the materials used in diapers. But, you can be sure we are working hard to find materials that are kind to our environment and at the same time meet our high demands on performance.
We have already come far in our quest to be able to offer an environmentally friendly alternative and you can be sure by using Nature Babycare diapers you will have less of an impact on the environment compared to if you use traditional diapers.

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  1. Interesting that they said “compared to if you use TRADITIONAL diapers” since what they mean is disposable diapers. They have an odd defition of traditional IMO.

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