Transitioning from Diaper Service to Potty Training

At Bundle families ask us often about how to transition to potty training, when your diaper usage goes down quite a bit.  This makes using a diaper service less economical, so families are often looking for an alternative.  Here are a few thoughts:
In my experience both personally and working with lots of families at Bundle is that potty training often takes quite a bit longer than you might think.  It is a great idea to start the potty learning before age 2, but usually kids will not be able to be diaper free until after 2.  So it will often reduce stress for the family if you take successful potty using by your under-2-year-old as great practice, and a chance to reinforce that behavior as a positive action.  But it is probably not a sign that your child will be out of diapers right away.  Sometimes parents feel discouraged when early potty using success does not turn into potty training.
But, what to do when you are not using enough diapers to make using a diaper service worth the money, but still are not ready to go diaper free?  The risk with switching to disposable diapers is that cloth diapers are a great feedback to encourage young children to be aware of peeing, since they can feel the wetness.  In disposable diapers they do not get this feedback.
If you want to stick with cloth, there are a few options:  one is to stick with the diaper service until your little one is ready to make the complete switch to undies, or just needs diapers for nighttime.
The other option is to invest in some prefolds and plan to wash your own diapers until potty training begins in earnest.  Since you already have your diaper covers, this is very economical.  This is an especially easy option if you can help your little one poo on the potty.  (If you stay tuned into your child’s behavior and patterns this can be easy to teach).  I would suggest buying just 25 prefolds.
Pull ups can be messy and expensive if your child is not ready to fully potty train, and is in the early potty learning stages.  I would suggest these for when your child is ready to be out of diapers, and just needs a bit of backup either overnight or during busy times (like a playdate).  But having 1-2 pairs on hand can be fun motivation for a child.
Little potties around the house, and even in the car if you are on the go, is a great way to keep using the potty an easy choice.  Our potties have a tiny footprint.



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