Supporting Homebirth

I just got some great recommendations from my sweet midwife on how and where to send your resources to support home birth:

“My first recommendation is : FAM The Foundation of the Advancement of Midwifery is the foundation fro the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) . Their mission is to increase access to midwifery through public education and research.   They fund MANA’s  public education campaign Mothers NAturally and our Division of Research and many, many smaller projects promoting midwives, scholarships, and indigenous midwives. Every penny really helps.!!!  You can donate on line at
The MAMA campaign.  It stands for  Midwives and Mothers in Action.  This is a coalition of partner organizations  and consumers lobbying to amend the social security act to mandate reimbursements for CPM (that is the kind of midwife I am) so low income women could receive care by a midwife and receive a homebirth if she wishes!!!  We started this effort during the medical reform act days and were able to amend the PPACA act which funds birth centers.  That was a good start but we need to do a lot more!  Unfortunately lobbying is expensive and sometimes harder to get support for versus starving children but I truly feel it is worthwhile to get this passed.  I KNOW it will affect many women and children to come if we can do it!  You can donate on line at http://www.mamacampaign.
3rd is our state funding.  Colorado’s midwifery law sunsets this year and
we are working to improve our regulations and as always fight against the AMA who would love to shut down home birth in this state.  The Colorado Midwives Association is collecting donations for their lobbyist. If you would like to make a money donation for the state efforts write your check to CMA
In addition Delivering Natural Care for Families the consumer organization is looking for you all to sign up and participate in the lobbying efforts! “

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