Balancing Entrepreneurship & Kids

On Monday Bundle hosted a talk on how to balance motherhood with entrepreneurship. The talk has practical tips & ideas for spending as much time as you want with your child while still growing your business, and without going crazy.

After almost 5 years of working and being home with my kids, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and they are relevant whether you are running a business or running your household.

Here’s one: find a balance between ‘benign neglect’ and ‘active attention.’  Kids truly need both, and benefit from both.

Benign neglect is wearing your baby and letting them draw comfort from your proximity while you give yourself the space to focus on other things.  You do not need to shake a rattle in your baby’s face all day, your baby needs some quiet alert time to process what they have experienced.  For older children, it means being present with them but working on other things while they have the space to work through their boredom into creative play.

The other side of that, is making time for active attention: put your phone and your computer away for a good part of the day and really focus on your children.  Mimic your baby, listen to your child, be present with them.


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