Bamboozle Stretch Fitted Diaper

Fitted diapers are a very easy way to cloth diaper.  Bummis has just redesigned their bamboo fitted diaper, and we have it in stock and it is FAB.  It is getting great reviews and a smattering of awards.  A very trim fitting and absorbent diaper, check it out here.

Here’s the info:

The ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby – the super soft BAMBOOZLE is made from gorgeous s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y rayon from bamboo. Two sizes will take you from teeny-tiny (5 lbs) right through to potty training (35 lbs).

  • Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch – fabulous fit every time
  • Leak-proof design with adjustable legs and waist
  • Aplix fastening (like Velcro) – just as easy as a disposable diaper!
  • Hidden microfiber core and snap-in adjustable doubler increase absorbency and speed up drying time!
  • Fabric is durable and stays really soft, even when washing with hard water

Bamboo is miraculous and eco-friendly – a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle, it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. A great environmental choice for diapers – the Bamboozle’s fabric is also super absorent. Tests have shown that rayon from bamboo absorbs moisture 70% more quickly than cotton (on contact), and dries 20% faster.

In short, the BAMBOOZLE absorbs quickly and effectively, is comfortable for baby and not bulky under clothes!

The BAMBOOZLE diaper is the absorbent part of your diapering system, so pair it with a waterproof diaper cover.

The Bamboozle is made by our friends at Tot Bots in Scotland. Their products are top rated in the UK and we are excited to be distributing them here. Their team is dynamic and ethically minded, and fits in well with our own.  Oeko-Tex certified – which means they have passed stringent European standards for non-toxicity.

Winner of the Mother and Baby Gold award for the best nappy!

Made in the UK.


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