Weehuggers & Econappis

these are the best designed diaper covers and one-size diapers that have graced our shelves yet.

We are loving the weehuggers diaper covers.  They are a 2 size cover, so you only need to buy 2 sizes to get you from newborn through potty training.  Plus they have a bamboo cotton pocket to tuck your prefold into, which both holds the prefold in place and wicks moisture away from baby’s waist.  Plus, their velcro tab is shaped like a mitten.  Not sure why, but it’s so cute we don’t even care.  Check them out here.

The Swaddlebees Econappi is a great pocket diaper with eco luxe materials.  The diaper has 2 rows of snaps for adjusting the size as your baby grows.  It has an outer layer of laminated polyester that keeps wetness in, and an inner layer on organic cotton velour.

Each diaper comes with 2 inserts made with a blend of organic cotton and bamboo.  The small insert consists of 4 layers, to use when your baby is on the smallest size setting.  They can later be used as doublers when you need extra absorbency.  The longer insert consists of 6 layers of organic cotton & bamboo blen that is trifolded and adjustable in length.  Inserts can be stuffed inside the pocket of the diaper, or laid on top of the diaper.  Check them out here.


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