Teething is Ruining My Life

my little guy is teething with a huge T.  Remedies are so few… I give a little tylenol when he spikes a fever, but I worry about all of the recent recalls.  People say vodka on the gums helps, but I just can’t bring myself to do that either.  So mostly he just moans and gnaws on cold things, and we all feel bad for him.  So with teething running my life, here is a little round-up of Bundle’s teething treats:

the teething bonbon by Dress Me Up is the cutest most genius teething toy ever.  You soak the knotted ends in water and then freeze them, so your little one can chew on the cold cloth.  The middle is filled with wool, so it stays warm even when it is out of the freezer.  This is a lifesaver, and adorable to boot.

These gorgeous hardwood rattles by Earnest Efforts in Oregon are great for distracting a teething babe with their sweet sound, and are safe and soothing to chew on as well:

Little Aouette’s butterfly teether is cute, easy to hold, and perfect for teething.


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