Swimmi Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are the smartest things around.  And the cutest.  I am always baffled by how few families use them.

Disposable swim diapers look trashy, cost a ton of money, and are wasteful.  Not good.  Go for the eco-mod alternative:

Bummis Swim diapers come in Bubbles and Clownfish

Here is how a swim diaper works: just velcro it onto your baby bare bum, do not put anything inside of it.  The job of a swim diaper is to catch the poop, and I can verify that my kids have put this function to the test.  If you want you can put a swimsuit over the top of it, but I like to let it do double-duty as a swimsuit.  That’s it!  Re-use 100’s of times.

Bummis Swimmi diapers are great because they have a layer of mesh inside that makes clean-up easy if there is an accident.

Now go jump in the lake!


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