So you have resisted the call of billions of dollars worth of advertisements for disposable diapers.  Instead you are going back to real diapers, cotton-style, and are washing your own.  The big guys in their big offices are SO BUMMED.  Great.  You are buying your diapers from mom-owned shops that stock mom-made diapers.  Even better.

Now, what are you going to use to wash these cute nappies that – when treated right – can take 3 kids from newborn through potty training?

Check out this round up of alterna-detergents designed to wash cloth diapers, and made by hard-working with high-morals moms like yourself…

Rockn’ Green Detergent:  This newer company is getting great reviews for their effective detergent, great scents, and formulas specially designed for hard water.  And who can resist their packaging, really?

Thirsties Pre Wash and Super Wash:  These include extras to kill the bacteria that can cause diaper rash and stinky diapers.  Plus it brightens and whitens while still being residue free.  Hooray.

Tiny Bubbles:  Low-residue powdered detergent has a very low cost per load, and is great for cloth diapers and all of your other laundry as well.

Charlie’s Soap, available in powder or liquid: This company is run by some of the nicest guys ever.  And, their detergent is classic and works perfectly.  You can use this stuff for everything.  Zero-residue means no stinky build-up on your diapers.


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