EIO Glass Sippy Cups

EIO Glass Sippy Cup can transform any 8oz canning jar into a sippy cup.  We LOVE this thing, how did it take so long for someone to design this?  Totally BPA free, unmatched versatility, & environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the highlights:
– The Kids Cup is a spout free, valve free cup made without BPA, Phthalates, and PVC, and is designed to transition young children properly from bottles to real glass dinnerware.  Sippy spouts and valves necessitate a bottle-like sucking motion, but EIO’s unique cap promotes correct sipping quickly and with less mess.

– Each cup is a 8 oz. canning jar wrapped in a colorful silicone sleeve designed to make the cup easy to grip and hard to break.  This sleeve is dishwasher safe and can be left on the cup for cleaning.  It can also be transfered to other jars.  The lid is compatible with most 8oz canning jars as well.  How’s that for versatile?

Check them out here.


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