How to tell if your child is tired

This came to me through the grapevine of parenting, and has been a wonderful guide to getting the babies to bed especially:

Touch the sides of your baby’s forehead just above her temple with your hand or cheek.  If this spot is warmer than the rest of her head she is ready for a nap.  It is foolproof, and the hotter that spot gets the more tired they are.

Sleep is such a huge issue for children, and the window for peacefully falling down for a nap is so brief.  Too early and you have no hope, too late and their adrenaline kicks in and it becomes a cry/scream-fest.

A great book to learn more about tuning into the sleep needs of your children is Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy, Happy Child.


One Response

  1. HSHHC is my favorite baby book of all time! Such a great resource and I love how you can use it as a reference guide for any age/stage.

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