Stroller and Kid Friendly Hike in Boulder

Looking for a stroller and kid-friendly hike in Boulder?

The path at the Teller Farm open space is hard to beat – take Arapahoe road east out of town, and see the parking area on the north side of the road between 75th and 95th.

Why it’s great:

1) Flat wide trail is great for strollers and kids on bikes.

2) Public lake has a dock that you can fish off of, or just look for turtles.  Plus the dock is well fenced so kids can run around without worrying their parents

3) Plan to find cows in the winter, wild asparagus in the spring, & lots of frogs in the summer.

4) If you make it past Valmont the trail continues to the north, and about 1/8 mile later you come to a lovely shady grove perfect for resting and picnics.  Just a few bends past your resting spot there is a little river for throwing sticks and looking for birds.

5) Amazing postcard views


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