Trite as it sounds I was inspired to believe in dreams, mine too but mostly those of others, on a recent outing to the nearby mountain town of Nederland.

We arrived at the carousel of happiness at 10am just as it opened, and there to greet us with a lovely cheerful gentleman.  The building was brand new, small, and perfectly sized to hold an antique refurbished carousel.  The man who greeted us, Scott Harrison, had spent the past 22 years hand carving and painting the most amazing, fanciful, spirited carousel animals I have ever seen.  I was in awe, and my kids were delighted.  Every detail was perfect – from the antique organ, to the sparkling little fairies hidden in the rafters.


But think about it, if for 22 years people ask what you are up to and you respond that you are building an amazing carousel…for 22 years…nobody would believe you would someday open your doors!   When he started this project I was a kid, and by the time he opened I’m the mom watching the kids go around.

But here was this amazing man, Mr. Harrison, mopping the floors and hovering over his youthfull staff to make sure they did things properly.  Seven days a week this man now happily runs his carousel – he did it!  Wow, I was so impressed by his talent (the carousel is truly a work of art) and his sense of purpose.  I just imagined him plugging along at his dream in the face of all logical doubt.

The alpaca is wearing ballet slippers!  I love this guy!


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  1. we took our baby to the carousel 4th of july weekend for a coupe of rides. I love this carousel and the price can’t be beat… $1 a ride!

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