The Plastic Panic

While we tend to use glass dishes, eat organic foods, and take other safety precautions  – I also tend to go in fits and starts on how seriously I take these unknown threats.  I just finished this interesting article The Plastic Panic in the New Yorker.  It looks at the huge amount of attention and research that has been done on BPA with no conclusive results.  Yes, the chemical is present everywhere from breastmilk to the umbilical cord, but what does that mean for your health?  Or, more importantly for parents, what does it mean for your children?  We don’t know.

BPA aside, the article notes that: “According to the E.P.A., some eighty-two thousand chemicals are registered for use in commerce in the United States, with about seven hundred new chemicals introduced each year. In 1998, the E.P.A. found that, among chemicals produced in quantities of more than a million pounds per year, only seven per cent had undergone the full slate of basic toxicity studies.”

So the take-home for me was that there is no “they” at the top making sure what “we” consume is actually safe.  So the most conservative route is to just avoid chemicals wherever and whenever you can.

Of course in the modern world it is impossible to truly de-tox your environment and your body, but I did throw out all of our faded plastic sippy cups, and it is the perfect season to re-commit to eating local small-farm organic produce instead of the who-knows-what ‘organic’ produce from far-away jumbo farms.

Check out these stainless steel bottles and sippy cups, and these glass baby bottles, and these glass beverage bottles for grown ups.


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