Things To Do On A Summer Day

Summer if officially here, which for lots of families means more time with the little ones.  What to do?

Here’s what we did on our first official day of summer…

First, we are all 4 (me plus three) sitting on the couch reading a story.  Hmmm, kind of boring.  Out of the corner of my eye I spy a HUGE TOAD in the corner.  Not boring!

In the resulting excitement, the poor guy went and hopped under the couch…

This challenge made things even more fun!  The kids were giddy and running about like little worker bees trying to find just the thing that would coax the toad out of hiding.  Finally he hopped out.

But he wanted to hop right back in…

As we sat in the hammock re-living our adventures with the toad, the ice cream truck drove by!  Nothing gets a kid’s heart racing quiet like that unmistakable jingle of the ice cream truck…

It was a good start to a long summer.


One Response

  1. that is the cutest story ever! how did that just happen? plain old life can be so fun.

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