Diaper Count-down

I officially am down to just one kid in diapers.  This is huge, people!  Not so many months ago I needed diaper covers in three sizes.  Three!

The only one in diapers now is a small 5 months old, so no problems there.  Although, if you are interested in elimination communication (which means getting your baby out of diapers) stay tuned…Bundle will be exploring this increasingly popular approach to potty-learning later this summer.

In other news, here are my notes:

what did not help:

– incentives of any kind.  I tried all sorts of carrots: ice cream for breakfast, sleepovers with friends, candy, you name it!

– punishments of any kind.  Any sort of grouchiness or disappointment from me seemed to have the opposite of it’s intended effect.  It is really a frustrating blow to your ego to have your little charges be nothing but amused when you’re spitting-mad at them.  But also a good lesson to grow up and not get bent out of shape about the little things!

Potty learning happened quickly and easily when

– I let it be their project, and did not get mad or happy about it – sticking to recognitions like ‘you did it.’

– I was consistent about helping them to the bathroom.  Not suggesting that they go, or asking if they want to go, but simply taking them to the potty at regular intervals.


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