Cloth Diaper Friendly Daycares

Making a directory of cloth diaper friendly daycares is a project that has been on my to-do list for almost one full year.  I am so excited to hear that a bigger badder cloth diapering org has taken on the challenge!

While cloth diapers are obviously just one factor when choosing a daycare, it can be the deciding one.  This is a brand new directory, so if you know of a daycare that is cloth diaper friendly get on over and add them to the list!

Check out the list so-far here.

As a diaper service Bundle here’s so often that people cannot get their daycare to use cloth diapers on their child.  This can be a real issue for kids with sensitive skin, a turn-off for parents commited to cloth for environmental reasons, and can make cloth diapering less affordable if you need to purchase disposable diapers on top of cloth.  I hope this directory encourages more daycares to be cloth diaper friendly!


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