I love bathing my kids.  For a few reasons.

First, it somehow creates some magical truce.  I have no idea why you can put two fighting siblings into a very small tub and suddenly all strife melts away.  My mom calls it water therapy, I call a chance to read the newspaper, and most moms agree it is a sure-fire afternoon survival technique.

Second, I love cleaning them up after a fun day of play.  I appreciate and remember all of the good fun they got into – skinned knees, dirty feet, chocolate rimmed mouths.   And I love the way they look when they get out, all clean and fresh once again – it is so satisfying.

For such a special daily ritual I get the sweet natural goodness of organic soaps and lotions.  Plus the skin of little kids is so perfect and often so sensitive, they deserve the good stuff!

Bundle is happy to be carrying the bath and body line of a fellow mom here in Colorado.  The ingredients in Lake Mountain Organics are organic, natural, and full of all the good stuff and sans all the nasties.  Check out their  Lotion, Shampoo and Body Wash, and more.


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