Cloth Diaper On The Go

Cloth diapering on the go is a different game than cloth diapering at home, and a common question that parents have.  How to make cloth diapering work for a family with an active lifestyle?

Here are a few thoughts on making cloth diapering work for you while you are out and about.  My main motivation, selfishly, is that once you have invested in cloth diapers (or are already paying for a diaper service) it seems like a huge waste of money to buy disposable diapers.  So this is how I make it work:

1) Always keep a spare couple of diapers, a cover, and a plastic trash or newspaper bag in your glovebox.  This is your emergency back-up supply.  When faced with an unexpected blowout, stick the dirty cloth diaper into your plastic bag, use 1 of your spare diapers as a changing pad/wipe, and stick the diaper onto babys bum.

2) Get a wetbag.  It needs to be washable, waterproof, portable, and cute.  Before you head out put 1 or 2 fresh diapers inside, and when baby needs a change just zip the dirty diaper into your wetbag, and pull out the clean ones.

3) Never leave a dirty diaper in your car or stroller.  This will turn you off from cloth diapering forever!


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