In Support Of ALL Mothers

I was so sad to read this article about the Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder, that is denying admission to two children because their parents are in a committed lesbian relationship.  How can the church punish this couple for not being married when they aren’t given the option marry?  Hateful AND hypocritical…yuck.  As a fellow mother my heart goes out to this family.


2 Responses

  1. Ironic decision coming from the Catholic church. They really ought to recuse themselves from any situation where Catholic church leaders (priests, etc.) are in a situation where they may be unsupervised and near children, given the publicity around all of the problems they’ve been having with that over the past decade.

    They really oughtn’t throw stones before putting their own house in order.

  2. While I do not agree with the church’s decision, as a private institution, they do have every right to deny these children enrollment. Makes me wonder why you would want to enroll your child at such a facility that would discriminate. The church has a right to their beliefs, however. The comment about church leaders left unsupervised around children is as hateful and generalizing as the church’s decision to ban these kids.

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