Get It Delivered

I am a homebody and an outstanding errand-avoider.  I dislike errands so much that I even make a habit of discouraging everyone around me from doing errands too.  My mom calls it the ‘Julie Carson errand method.’  One of the best parts of living in NYC was being able to have anything delivered to my apartment 24 hours/day- 1 pint of ben&jerrys and a trashy magazine at 2am?  No problem!  It was an errand-avoiders dream come true.

5 years later, as a mother of 3 living on the outskirts of town, avoiding trips to the store is trickier.   But I do pretty well – veggies, eggs, milk, butter, & cheese are all delivered weekly for no surcharge.

Then, as a new mom, I went to the VERY great lengths of starting a business that would deliver all of my baby basics weekly.  Bundle delivers my diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, & pacifiers (we are constantly losing pacifiers).  Even when I need something more substantial Bundle can deliver everything that I need to care for my infant…books, a new baby carrier, a nice onesie, even a toy for the older kids to buy me a little peace on rocky days.

It is a little odd to run into my employees delivering diapers and such to my house while I am hanging with my kids in my bathrobe, but I guess that’s just one of the quirks of being a work-at-home mom…  Anyway, I built this business with the idea that I can’t be the only mom who hates running errands…right?  Moms – take a tip from me and get it delivered!


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