Cloth Diaper Through the Night

How to cloth diaper through the night?  Many families opt out of cloth diapers overnight.  The main motivation is a HUGE one – sleep!  Something most of us are not getting enough of.

Some people are night-changers, I definitely am not.  I am not a huge fan of changing diapers during the day, so changing them at 2am is pretty much never going to happen.  SO, barring that solution – the question is how to make sure a cold diaper doesn’t wake him-and therefore you- up at 4am.

Here are the tricks we employ:

1) Newborns:  they pee ALL THE TIME. While we use Bundle’s diaper service for daytime diapering, for our littlest one we have a few microfleece pocket diapers that we use for overnight.  The fleece wicks the moisture away from baby’s butt so that you get the same feel-dry effect that you get from disposable diapers.  We stuff the diaper with 2 inserts – hemp inserts are extra absorbent.  We also add a silk liner which helps to prevent diaper rash and also pulls the moisture away from his skin.  In the morning we just toss these diapers and liners into a separate pail from our diaper service diapers and wash them ourselves.

2) One 1/2 – Two Year Olds:  They are starting to get the hang of peeing at certain times, so the diaper doesn’t get as crazy-saturated as the newborn set.  We use 1 size bigger of cotton prefold (normally we use large, overnight we use toddler size) and we fold in a small size diaper for extra absorbency.  Works perfectly, the diaper is wet in the morning, but not so saturated that we feel bad about it 🙂

3) The over Three Year Olds:  At this age, while lots of kids still use a diaper at night, they are out of a diaper during the day.  So they have control of their bladder and will just have little accidents while they are learning to ‘hold it’ overnight.  So we just use a single large diaper, which offers enough absorbency for this stage.


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