Weights for different prefold sizes

There are a bunch of differnt prefold sizes, and lots of questions about what size prefold is right for what size baby.  The answer is that it depends on your kid, and your preference.  The smaller the prefold size that you choose, the more trim your diaper will be.  However – the bigger the prefold, the more absorbent.  As a general guideline, we suggest:

newborn size prefold- 4-10 lbs. baby
small: 6-18 lbs.
medium: 15-35+ lbs.
large/toddler: 20-35+ lbs.

If you are using Bundle’s diaper service you can mix-and-match your delivery to include any number of any size prefold.  I like to have prefolds of every size on hand – I use the smaller ones for wipes and for doubling up with a bigger prefold when I need just a bit more absorbency (like before an outing or a nap).  I use the bigger ones for overnight, for changing pads, and for burp cloths.

For size/weight for my kids, right now I am using the newborn size for wipes, the small size prefolds for my 1 month old baby, the medium size for my almost-2-year-old daughter, and the toddler size for my not-making-it-through-the-night 4 year old.


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