Professional Wash – Strip your diapers

After around 1 year of washing your own diapers most people will find that they start to suck in one of these ways:
1) suddenly smell like urine as soon as they are soiled, and/or do not smell clean after they are washed
2) stop being absorbent, leading to lots of leaking
3) start to cause a diaper rash

All of these ills are caused by ‘detergent residue’ on the diapers. This happened to us with my first daughter, and we drove ourselves mad reading advise online on how to ‘strip’ your diapers of detergent residue in a home washer. We tried EVERYTHING… to no avail.

Once we opened up the commercial laundry for Bundle’s diaper service, it dawned on us that we could effectively strip diapers. We have gotten great feedback on this service, it truly resets your diapers back to like-new.

All you have to do is send in your stash of diapers, and we will wash them that same day and have them back in the mail to you or ready for you to pick up at our shop. If you are having this problem with prefolds and covers you do need to write your name on all of your items so that we can keep your stash separate from our diapers. The cost for the service is just $40, if you plan to mail in your diapers just give us a call beforehand.

Once you have gotten your diapers professionally stripped by Bundle, keep your diapers fresh by only using zero-residue detergent like Charlie’s Soap.


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