Washing Covers

When you are diapering with prefolds and covers, keeping your covers clean can be a challenge. Using this system of diapers you always have many more cotton prefold diapers than covers. So you have two concerns: one is avoiding dirty covers, and the other is washing the covers.

1) How to avoid dirty covers:
– Make sure that your cotton diaper, the ‘prefold,’ is big enough for the cover. If there is a gap between the prefold and the edge of the cover, chances are poop will get onto the cover. You might have to try a larger size prefold, or a smaller size diaper cover to get the correct fit here.
– Especially with newborns, make sure that you change your little one’s diaper often. If the prefold is already saturated that watery newborn poop will not be absorbed into the diaper.
– Try using a snappi. These are inexpensive and can make a great difference if you are getting leaks, dirty covers, or blow-outs.

That said, dirty covers are just part of cloth diapering. SO, here are some tips on washing your covers:
– I suggest putting your dirty covers into a separate bag to hold until you have a handful to wash together. I use a wetbag like this to put my dirty covers into. It zips up to contain the smell, and can hang over a door handle. Then I throw the bag along with the dirty covers into the washing machine, do a quick pre-rinse, and then put in things like bathmats or towels that will not get torn up by the velcro on the covers. This is a great, quick, and easy way to deal with dirty covers.


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