Cloth Diapering at Daycares

There are many  parents that have to stop using cloth diapers when they go back to work because their daycares won’t do cloth.  Frequently daycares will say that they “can’t” because of the Health Department regulations.  This is simply not true.  I spoke this morning with someone at the Health Department who forwarded on the Childcare Sanitary Regulations from the Boulder County Health Department, and there is a specific clause about cloth diapers:

8-404 Cloth Diapers. Soiled cloth diapers shall be immediately placed in a waterproof bag after being removed from the child and shall be stored in a covered diaper pail for return to the parents, guardians or diaper service or until laundered. Soiled cloth diapers or clothing shall not be rinsed.

In other words, parents provide a pail and pail liner and take home the diapers daily.  Simple.  We would love to help daycares  see the ease in servicing cloth diapered kiddos.  Please feel free to pass our information along.  We can either stop by and give a lesson/demo or give directions over the phone.


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  1. We recently ran into this problem as well. I was told by one facility in Denver that it was against regulations, so I checked with the state and county, all OK with cloth. Other facilities didn’t want to deal with the “extra” work required. We did find a facility in Denver willing to take cloth and are super excited to send our baby there when we go back to work – Adventures In Learning near I-25 and Colorado!

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