Blowout Remedies…

Blowouts are a universal diapering experience whether you use cloth or disposables.  Actually, we’ve found that the disposables tend to increase the incidences of blowouts – just one more reason to LOVE cloth : )  The best remedy….. Laughter!

Troubleshooting: If you are experiencing leaks or “blow outs”

1)     Wicking – Double check that all of the cloth is fitting inside the cover so that the moisture does not wick onto the clothing.   If you are using a pocket diaper and are experiencing wicking on the clothes, you can add another insert or may want to bring your diapers in for a professional wash to cleanse them of any lingering residues.

2)      Size & Fit – If there is leaking out the side of the cover you may need a larger or smaller cover.  You could also try using a Snappi with your pre-folds & covers.  This helps contain the poo and reduce the numerous cover washings.  For pocket diapers, you may want to try a different brand – they all tend to fit a little differently.

3)       Saturation – If the diaper and cover are saturated, try changing your baby more frequently or to switch to a larger pre-fold.  You can also use 2 pre-folds at once to create more absorbency.


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