The Case of the Diaperless One Year Old

This is NOT a ‘my daughter is awesome and potty trained at 1’ post. I wish. It is summer, so pants are optional. Diapers, when you are indoors and are not yet potty trained, are NOT optional. However, my daughter thinks it is great fun to take off her diaper. My older daughter loves it when Cedar does something ‘naughty’ so Stella’s giggles just make taking off her diaper all the more fun.

Today was the tipping point, when I could not keep a diaper on her for longer than 3 minutes, which means we had A) a lot of accidents and B) I spent a lot of time finding putting-back-on diapers.

A word of advice: if you are buying medium sized diaper covers, and you have children who love to do the opposite of what you instruct, get covers with snaps!

As an aside – Imse Vimse covers, which lots of people, including me, love – are now available with snaps.


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