First Day of School…In Diapers?

Interesting article in The Telegraph about how and why kids are staying in diapers later and later…sometimes until 5 years old.

This trend has been blamed on many things, from the major brands adapting their marketing to keep kids in diapers for longer. This article touches on the idea that maybe more working moms sending their kids to daycare means less time for the hands-on effects of potty training. I personally have noticed anecdotally that daycares do a great job of potty training for my friends’ kids!

From the article: “Margaret Morrissey, of the family lobby group Parents Outloud, said: “The fact is that we are changing our society and the nature of child rearing is changing because of it. If we insist that mothers go out to work when their children are still young – out of the house by 7.30am, dropping off a baby at nursery, then the two kids at school, working a full day and getting back at 6pm – things are going to give.

“If you want mums to devote every waking day to their children and their development, we have to make it possible for them to survive financially while staying at home.”

One nursery manager, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the job of potty training had been made harder for parents by “hi-tech”, modern nappies which reduce children’s discomfort.
“My theory is that children now feel too comfortable in disposable nappies and the message from the bladder that they are wet or uncomfortable doesn’t reach the brain,” she said. “Years ago, in the days of terry towelling nappies, the children felt uncomfortable and the brain/bladder connection developed earlier,” she said.”


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