Choosing a Baby Carrier – part 1

‘Babywearing’ or attaching your baby to your body so you have two hands free is a great way to maintain sanity and a sense of self while caring for a newborn. But there are so many baby carriers on the market, how to choose the right one for you? If you get into babywearing you might end up with a closet full of carriers since each one has it’s unique attributes…


In this post I am just going to go over slings.

Slings are the easiest carrier to put on, simply put it across your shoulder like you would a purse, and stick your baby in. Since it takes about 5 seconds to get on, it is a great option for shorter-term holding, like hoping out of the car to go to the grocery store, or quickly picking up a crying baby while you are in the middle of cooking dinner (a dinner that does not involve splattering oil, of course!).

The flip-side to being super easy to put on, is that they are not the most secure carriers available. While you can definitely have hands free, you do have to stay upright (versus a carrier like the Moby wrap where you can basically do cartwheels and your baby won’t care). Likewise, they are sized so if you may want a different size for different caregivers.

Since the weight of your baby hangs over one shoulder, if you are going to be holding your baby for hours in a sling you will have a pretty sore back. If you already have back problems slings are not the best choice.

Slings grow with your baby pretty well, but most people love them specifically for the infant – one year stage. Below are a few different carrying options:





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