Potty Sale

Now through September First
Potty Training Season is officially ending, and just in case you need one more reason to get your little one out of diapers, we are putting all of our potty training gear on sale until September 1st.

Getting out of diapers can be a chicken-and-egg problem: you can’t really potty train while wearing a diaper, but you don’t want a kid who is not potty trained running around your house without a diaper on. That’s why summertime is such a perfect time to make the transition – you can spend plenty of time in the backyard having some diaper-free play-time. Potty training is a learning process, so remember to start early (before two) letting your toddler practice using a potty with no pressure.

We have training pants for wherever you are in your potty learning: ‘overnight pants’ that are basically pull-up cloth diapers, ‘training pants’ that are like underwear on steroids, biodegradable disposable pull-ups and more. We are also on hand to commiserate or strategize if you are having a hard time…

If your Little One is not so little anymore, but still resistant to the idea of using the potty, switching from disposable to cloth diapers can be a GREAT motivator. Kids in cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier because they actually feel wet when they wet their diaper, instead of having the moisture wicked away from their skin. This develops a cause and effect relationship for them, and also provides a bit more motivation to use a potty. Many families will start with a few months of cloth diaper service to help their child become more ready and willing to use the potty, and then switch over to potty training using cotton training pants.


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