Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash is a bummer. Here are some tips for managing when it strikes:

1) Go natural: if you are not already cloth diapering, buying a dozen cotton prefold diapers and 1 or 2 covers to get you through the week is worth the investment. Washing them is simple – just throw them in the washing machine! Getting your baby’s bum out of plastic disposable pants for one week or even a few days can make all the difference. And it lets you engage in trick number 2 (below)

2) Go extra-natural: let your baby have some diaper-free time. If he is little enough to stay where you put him it will not get that messy. Lay him down on a cloth diaper, and let the rash air out. You can use a snappi diaper fastener to keep the cloth diaper on his butt without using a cover.

3) Take a look at baby’s diet, or nursing-mama’s diet: lots of acidic food can cause or aggravate rash – tomatoes are a common culprit.

4) Lube: Try a natural diaper rash cream, many babies have skin that is just too sensitive for chemical laden rash creams.

5) Prevent: if your little one is prone to diaper rash, or if you notice that his butt is getting a little rosy, put lotion on his butt during diaper changes to prevent a diaper rash from developing.

6) Note on cloth diapers: if you are already cloth diapering, you can try a wool cover which allows for more ventilation. If you are washing your own diapers, you may need a professional wash to strip your diapers of detergent residue.


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