Camping with kids

We have been camping with our kids from the very beginning (about 4 months old). The main thing that we have had to compromise from our pre-baby days is the idea that we are going to get any real distance away from the car.

But once we accept the idea that getting out of sight of the car will be considered a victorious adventure, we can happily set up camp with the little ones. Bonus: no need for a bear bell with all the noise that kids make!

There was a great article motivating families to get outside, go camping, and recharge in Sunday’s New York Times. Check it out and get out there! Worst case scenario: you have a sleepless night.


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  1. Camping with kids can be a great experience. They will have memories that will last a lifetime “memories in the wall”. Found this to be helpful in finding out the different types of camping. They didn’t include “car camping’, however.

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