Hand Felting

Ready for a super easy and clean craft? Really, we are talking one-year-old craft.

You need: wool roving (you can get this for very cheap at any yarn shop. This is a fun adventure in itself for young children, to touch and see all of the colors and textures of fiber). I was lucky enough to stumble upon a sheep farm yesterday, where a wonderful old woman invited me and my girls in to choose from beautiful wool roving right from her sheep. The baskets of wool were separated according to the sheep they came from, like: ‘Lucy’s wool’

Once you are home with your wool take a big bowl of hot soapy water (any soap will work fine, try a few drops of dish soap) into the shade.

Fluff up a handful of your wool, wind it into a ball, then put it in the water and roll it into a ball. Once you have it started pass it on to a little one for them to continue rolling and pressing it into a ball form. You can continue adding wispy layers of wool to make the ball bigger.

That’s it! These make great gifts (think baby gift, or pin cushion for an auntie)



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